10 advantages of garage doors and how to make full use of them

Adding or upgrading automatic garage doors to your property is probably one of the smartest, most cost-effective improvements you can make to your home – instantly adding priceless value to the overall standing of your property. Garage doors are not only useful for adding to the return-on-investment to your home, but they also add aesthetic appeal, much-needed safety, noise reduction and help to lower the insurance premiums on your home. If you are looking to upgrade or replace garage doors in Hillcrest, Bishop Barriers are the guys to call!

While there are numerous benefits to upgrading or installing a new set of automatic garage doors to your home, here are our top 10 advantages:

  1. Enhanced appearance

If you already have garage doors installed in your home, perhaps they are a run down and in need of replacing or perhaps you inherited a set of garage doors from a previous home owner that are just not to your liking? Whatever the case, make the investment and upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your home with beautiful, fully functional garage doors. Bishop Barriers offers replacement and upgrading of garage doors in Hillcrest and surrounding areas of Durban!


2.     Add to the value of your home

Old and worn garage doors could make the sale of your home all the more difficult as many new home owners will not be enticed by the prospect of unappealing, dysfunctional garage doors. Add to the value of your home and upgrade your garage doors – they play a significant role in the curb appeal of your home and will ultimately help to ‘close on a deal’.


3.  Lower the risk of accident

Upgrading or replacing your garage doors will dramatically reduce the risk of accidents – worn out springs on garage doors pose a real risk and could see torsion springs snapping at any time. Avoid terrible accidents and being caught under a heavy garage door when open and close cycles have taken their toll!


4.  Make your home more energy efficient

Living in a colder climate calls for a fully insulated garage door. Garage doors that are worn out, creaky and full of cracks create a vacuum through your home, pulling out all the heat from any room close to your garage, forcing you to consumer more energy to warm up! Help to keep your electricity and energy consumption down by installing a modern and insulated garage door.


5.   Create a personalised space

Once you have installed garage doors, you now have an area that is private and can be personalised to your liking. Whether you want to convert part of your garage into a workshop, store room or even turn your garage into a play room, your garage doors will help to add privacy from the roadside and also keep mess outside the house!


6.   Increase your home security

A significant amount of home invasions happen via the garage, door to faulty, old and worn garage doors which are generally over 10 years old. Avoid the risk and keep your family as safe as possible with upgraded, modern and efficient garage doors that open and close quicker than ever before – reducing the risk of hi-jackings and home invasions.


7.   Avoid constant maintenance costs

Old and worn-out garage doors will generally require constant maintenance due to a high number of breakdowns from wear and tear. Why not avoid the heartache and high cost of constant maintenance and replace them with new, modern and efficient garage doors that are guaranteed to last a good 10 years more? You will ultimately save money in the long run by letting go of what needs replacing!


8.   Lower your home’s insurance premiums

Remove the risk of worn-out garage doors and, at the same time, lower the insurance premiums on your home. Ultimately insurance agents will notice a higher risk if your home features garage doors that are just not up to scratch. So take the plunge, upgrade and replace your garage doors and save on your insurance premiums!


9.   Reduce noise pollution

An old garage door can sound like a steam train moving through your house with loud clanking, creaking and rattling. Additionally, worn-out garage doors with gaps in their panels will also allow more street noise into the house – reduce the noise pollution of your home and upgrade your garage doors!


10.  Convenience

This is a no-brainer – modern and efficient automatic garage doors are one of the most convenient additions you home, not-to-mention a much safer option in this day and age!


Looking for expert garage door manufacturers or a top quality garage door supplier? Look no further than Bishop Barriers! Get in touch with us for a quote today on: 081 649 0089 or trevor@bishopbarriers.co.za.


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