10 garage door safety tips

A home garage – most houses come with them and are a much needed and frequently used part of our homes. Used for storage, home projects, make-shift workshops for DIY dads (or moms!), play rooms or even boat sheds, the home garage is a space of convenience, but it comes with a few dangers too. Garage doors can pose a great risk for accidents, especially with young children around as well as moving cars, heavy tools, machinery etc. Security breaches and break-ins in South Africa also happen through many a garage, that’s why ensuring your garage is a safe place should be a high priority as a home owner. Bishop Barriers specialised in the installation, repair and maintenance of garage doors throughout Durban.

: Keep your family and home safe, Bishop Barriers offers garage door repairs throughout Durban
Keep your family and home safe, Bishop Barriers offers garage door repairs throughout Durban

Here are our top 10 garage door safety tips

  1. Ensure your garage door open and close control button is out of reach of small children
  2. Keep garage door remotes stored away or high up and out of reach of small hands
  3. If you have had a new garage door installed, make sure to discuss all safety features and how to work the emergency release control with the manufacturers
  4. Keep up with routine maintenance of garage doors- inspect things like springs, cables, rollers and pulleys for signs of wear and tear. If maintenance is needed, Bishop Barriers specialises in garage door maintenance in Durban
  5. Make sure to test the garage door’s automatic reverse mechanism. Place a roll of paper towel in the door’s path, if the door does not reverse upon contact, the reverse mechanism needs repair!
  6. Sounds like a no-brainer, but don’t place your fingers between door sections of your garage door – if you have small children, consider installing a door without panels that will pinch
  7. Remember to close your garage door fully each time, don’t leave it partially open – this is dangerous for inquisitive children and also poses a security risk for your home
  8. If going on holiday and leaving your house empty, we recommend unplugging your garage door control unit, making it more difficult for burglars to try access your property through the garage
  9. If your garage has windows, make sure to keep these windows closed and locked when going on holiday. This sounds so simple, but is often overlooked by home owners
  10. One of the most popular trends in home invasion in this country is via access through the garage. Be vigilant, don’t leave garage doors open at night, close the garage door fully before exiting your car and entering your home. Consider using a key chain remote and always lock the entry to the inside of your home.

If you’re looking for top quality garage door repairs in Durban, or garage doors suppliers to give your home a bit of facelift, contact us at Bishop Barriers.


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