10 simple ways to secure your new home

The reality stares us in the face every day in the form of high-security fences, burglar bars, security gates and electric fencing – security is a top priority for most homeowners in South Africa. If you are a new homeowner and require the installation of new or updated burglar bars or security gates – look no further than Bishop Barriers, supplying some of the best quality burglar guards in Durban.

As a first-time homeowner, the reality of securing your home against criminals may seem like a daunting task, so here are 10 simple steps to fully securing your new property and the precious family contained within it:

Secure your home:


  1. Motion sensor lights are a great way to keep the outside of your property well-lit and free of lurking or suspicious characters.
  2. Install robust, good quality security fencing around your property, with wall or fences at least 2 metres high or more.
  3. Motion sensor garden beams are fast becoming a popular way to detect unwanted activity on your property. Have these installed in a perimeter around your house.
  4. Install slam-lock security gates at all main entrances of your home such as your front door, back door and patio doors.
  5. Have burglar bars installed by an expert burglar guard supplier across all main, street-facing windows throughout your property
  6. Try to avoid having heavy foliage around your garage or home entrance, eliminating hiding places for potential criminals!
  7. Make sure to be vigilant after dark and try to keep your curtains closed, especially in rooms which openly face the street.
  8. Remember to keep your garage or tool shed locked when not in use. Plenty of tools will be available to opportunistic criminals otherwise.
  9. If you have an entrance door to your property, install a security camera outside the front so as to properly identify people entering your property from the road.
  10. If you have an entrance door leading from the inside of your garage to your home, always ensure your garage doors are properly closed and secured before entering your house.

Rest assured, Bishop Barriers are your go-to for burglar guard installations and burglar guard repairs throughout Durban. Sleep easy at night with the peace-of-mind that your family is expertly protected by Bishop Barriers. Contact us for all your burglar guard requirements on: sales@bishopbarriers.com or Trevor on: 084 835 6899.


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Bishop Barriers is a top burglar guard supplier – protect your most precious assets, your family!



burglar guards supplier
Bishop Barriers offers robust, sleek and elegant security gates and burglar guards throughout Durban

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