10 things you must know about installing a fence

Looking to install a fence on or around your property? Whether it’s a security fence or swimming pool fence, Bishop Barriers offers top quality security fencing in Durban and is here to remind you of a few important factors to consider if you plan on doing it yourself…

  •    Don’t seal before its set!

If you have just had a wooden fence installed, it’s important to let your fence set and dry out before adding a seal or coat of paint to the fence. Manufacturers generally apply certain finishes and treatments to wood fences so as to preserve their longevity! If you don’t let it dry completely, it may not be properly absorbed into the wood.


  •  Use solid hinges

Ensure the hinges you use to build a fence gate are properly sized and able to hold enough weight!


  • Take elevation into consideration

Keep in mind the ground surrounding your property may not be 100% even. In this case, allow for more or less materials and make sure to work in even increments if you’re going uphill or downhill.


  • Keep your neighbours happy

Remember that the ‘nicer’ side of the fence should face outwards, towards your neighbours. The wooden rails and other bulky bits should face inwards towards your property!


  • Keep your fence sections tight

Don’t try and over span your fence sectioning – if you set fence posts too far apart without adequate support, your fence could be susceptible to wind damage and may not last as long as you need.



  • Set your poles before adding cement

Once your holes have been dug for your fence posts, set your poles into the holes, then mix your cement and pour it in. This way, your fence poles and the cement will dry as one unit, making for a sturdier support.



  • Sink your fence posts adequately

One of the most important factors when installing a fence is ensuring your fence posts are set deep enough. A common rule-of-thumb is to ensure each post is set one-third the length of the post into the ground.


  • Know your property lines

Before you even start fencing or digging up the ground surrounding your property, you need to have your property adequately surveyed so that you know exactly where your fence is going and any possible limitations on fencing!


  • Build a fence that will last

Before you begin a fencing project, determine what exactly your fence will be used for – security, privacy, decoration? Establish whether you will need the help of a professional or if you really can do it all yourself!


  • Maintenance is key

It’s important to remember that a wooden fence will need to be sanded and painted every couple of years. Ensure your fence lasts longer with the addition of clear wood preservatives and wood stains.


If you need the assistance of a true fencing professional, Bishop Barriers is one of the most in-demand security fencing companies in Durban! We also offer top-quality security fencing repairs throughout Durban. Get in touch with us today.


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