What everyone should know about safety

It’s no secret that home invasions and home burglary in South Africa is a major component of the crime statistics in this country. It is a nationwide epidemic and is no longer targeted to one particular region – you can be a victim of crime anywhere in the country, at almost any time of the day. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to always be vigilant when it comes to home security and teaching our children the importance of staying safe. If you are looking for robust, top quality security gates in Durban to keep your home protected, Bishop Barriers is your answer!

Home invasions, home burglaries and general crime is daily reality we have to face in South Africa – but it can be avoided! Here are a few things everyone should know about staying safe both in your home and out in public:

Staying safe in your home

  • Never advertise that you are not home

This is especially important when going away on holiday for an extended period of time. Ask your neighbours or family members to collect your mail for you and do random checks on your house over the time you are away. Make sure that night-activated lights come on as the sun sets so that your property is not plunged into darkness, making your home a clear target.

  • Secure your home properly

One of your best options to adequately securing your home is by installing security gates and burglar bars over main access doors and windows. Another effective solution is to install movement sensor lights on the outside of your home or garden beams which also detect movement across your property throughout the night. Make sure to properly stow away potential tools such as axes, spades and ladders and installing a double-lock system on your front and back door is also recommended! If you’re looking for excellent, cost-effective security gates in Durban, Bishop Barriers has you covered.

  • Be vigilant when relaxing in your home

This many sound like the ultimate contradiction, but home invasions have been to known to happen when they are least expected. If you are relaxing in your back garden at home, make sure your front door is secured and there is no way for criminals to access your property without you knowing it. Leave your dogs at the front of the house if you are entertaining at a braai area at the back, lock security gates if it’s too warm to keep the doors closed and just remember to keep your wits about you – even in the day time!


Staying safe out in public

  • Travel with company

Travelling at night in any city of South Africa poses its risks. If you driving, walking or catching public transport anywhere, try and do so in a group of people or with at least one other person. If you are driving alone at night, never leave valuables on the passenger seat next to you, check for suspicious characters as you pull up to traffic lights and intersections and try and keep your car in gear in case of an emergency situation when waiting at traffic lights. The most important thing is to avoid areas you do not know very well and stay alert when travelling at night!

  • Avoid being too ‘’flashy’’

While they are certain areas that don’t always pose a crime risk, generally speaking, if you are walking out on the streets, whatever time of the day, make sure to show off as few valuables as possible. If you are carrying a bag, wear the strap across your body, don’t walk with a cell phone in your hand, stow it away in your bag or on your person. Try and limit the amount of jewellery you wear and remain alert as to who is walking near you at all times.

  • Use your common sense

If you are a local of your area, you know the areas to avoid. If you do have to travel to a less savoury area or neighbourhood, keep your wits about you and listen to your gut instinct. Using your common sense will ultimately keep you out of harm’s way in South Africa, especially out in public. Always keep a close eye on your children, your hand bag, keep your car doors locked and be hyper aware of the people surrounding you.


Bishop Barriers are specialty security gate manufacturers and have a passion for home safety! As top security gate suppliers we aim to give you and your family peace-of-mind while relaxing in your home, at all times. Contact us for a quote on security gate installation on: 081 649 0089 or trevor@bishopbarriers.co.za.


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