How to secure your home from burglars

Despite the many positives of living in South Africa, we have to remember that we live in a country where crime is an everyday reality and it’s important to remain vigilant in our homes. We may be at our most comfortable when lounging about in our living rooms, but it’s still vitally important to keep security in mind and not let home comforts forgo the security of your family. Bishop Barriers offers just the solution you need with our modern and robust security barriers throughout Durban.

Secure your home and keep burglars out with our slam lock security gates
Secure your home and keep burglars out with our slam lock security gates

Here are a few basic tips to prevent possible break-ins and keep criminals out: 

  • Before pulling up to your driveway, slow down and do a scope of the vicinity – be vigilant and on the lookout for any suspicious characters lurking about your property.
  • Cut back on bushy foliage around your garage entrance or front door – reducing the possibility of potential hiding spots for criminals.
  • Don’t leave your curtains open and light on at night – this allows free observation into your home and criminals an opportunity to scout out the property.
  • Keep the garage and tool shed locked when not in use. Would–be intruders should not have access to any items that could be used as a weapon or burglary tool.
  • Install outside lights that can be remotely controlled from inside the house or activated by a motion detector.
  • Do not open any perimeter door without satisfactory identification from an unknown visitor. If in doubt, don’t open it.
  • When relaxing with family in communal areas, ensure your front and back doors are locked or that your security gates are locked.
  • Install slam-lock security doors at all main entrances to your home – ideally, the front door, back door and even entranceway onto your property from the road.

Life is all about timing. Don’t get caught off guard and ensure your most prized possessions – your family, are in safe hands with Bishop Barriers and our security barrier service in Durban. With Bishop Barriers you are guaranteed the best-of-the-best safety products, including slam lock and dead lock retractable safety gates and burglar bars. Our in-home security products not only offer robust security, but are also completely all-weather and rust proof, sleek and modern in their appearance, powder coated in various colour to match the aesthetics of your home.

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