Tips for maintaining a timber garage door

For many homeowners in today’s property market, the maintenance of your timber garage doors should be a priority. Not only do they protect precious possessions such as our cars, bicycles and other appliances but also add to the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, the maintenance of many a home’s garage doors tends to be neglected, while the replacing your garage door is not a cheap endeavour! Make the wise decision to prioritise your garage door maintenance before it’s too late and you’re in dire need of a garage door supplier in Durban!

Timber garage door maintenance tips

Many South African home owners opt for garage doors crafted from sectional timber. However, whatever species of wood your garage door is made of, garage door maintenance in Durban needs to be prioritised in order to avoid warping, cracking and rotting due to the high levels of humidity in this city!

  • Eliminating wood rot

Most timber garage doors tend to suffer from the most common ailment of wood rot due to high levels of air condensation in the KZN province. Characteristically, the wood begins to turn black and will eventually disintegrate where moisture has penetrated the wood. If you begin to notice wood rot, there are ways to go about eliminating it – it’s not too late! You will need to sand down the affected area and apply a wood restoring treatment which can be found at most hardwares of building stores. Alternatively, you may need to fill in sections of wood rot with epoxy putty after sanding, building up the area again, and then apply the wood treatment. After the sanding and treatment, coat your garage door with an exterior sealer to match the region of KZN.


  • Protect against cracking and fading wood

The fading and cracking of your timber garage door are generally caused by exposure to the elements, the sun’s harsh UV rays and can be heightened specifically in regions with a dry climate. One of the best maintenance tips to avoiding timber cracking and fading is to apply a good quality exterior sealer product to the wood at least every 6 months. If your timber garage door is already quite faded – it can be restored! All you will need is a sander, fine steel wool or mineral turpentine to sand down the affected areas. These areas must be sanded to remove previous varnish treatments, then a top quality sealer must be applied after the sanding. If the timber is terribly faded or bleached, you can apply a tinted sealer which will add colour back to the wood. Ensure that your wood sealer is adequate for your region i.e. if you live in a coastal climate, ensure your sealer is salt spray resistant!

Unfortunately, some garage doors may just need to be replaced and may too far gone for the above treatments! If you are looking for professional, efficient garage door suppliers in Durban or garage door installation, contact us today.


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